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Lotta-Lite Is Not Just For People, Its For Pets Too

Your pets deserve the best. Our lights make the perfect LED dog collar and are easy to attach to a leash or dog collar. If you love taking your pooch on an evening stroll, our lights will help increase your visibility. Keep your furry friends safe and stylish with these adorable animal-themed designs!

Hardeep - “Lotta-Lite on those late night dog walks is essential” Hardeep has explained to us that sometimes when she takes her amazing puppy Lily out for a walk, that once in a while it is hard to find her business after she is done. So she has Lotta-Lite either stuck or looped on the dog collar to help find it so she does not have any upset neighbors to deal with.

Lotta-Lite is not just your normal portable light. Lotta-Lite is a versatile and fashionable solution to lighting on the go. Our portable keychain light can be used in so many different ways to help you in all different types of situations.

Besides all the ways to use Lotta-Lite, the next best thing is all the different styles we have to offer. Whether you need a sleek design for a work bag, a night out, or something with one of our amazing patterns we have a light for every person and every occasion. Our styles are categorized in collections such as: Handbags, Patterns, Inspiration, Perfect Gift, For Him, Pets, and Whimsical! Your key ring holder/ key chain holder will never be more stylish than with Lotta-Lite.

Get your Lotta-Lite Today. Whether you use it as a LED dog collar, handbag light, key fob light, backpack light, dog leash light, cabinet light, or key ring holder. There are just so many ways that Lotta-Lite makes life a whole easier.