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Lotta-Lite The Perfect Gift!

Not sure what gift to get a fashionable friend, significant other or family member? How about a personalized gift that makes her life easier? The Lotta-Lite purse light is a fabulous way to brighten up her day (and all the days that follow). No matter the occasion, she’ll adore this gift. It ticks all the right gift boxes: memorable, useful, practical and thoughtful! This nifty present also works as a keychain light that can easily become a part of her purse charms. And with so many beautiful designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches her style and personality. Lotta-Lite’s keychain flashlight is versatile enough to work as a handbag light, a keychain light, a night light, and even a pet leash light. Make a meaningful contribution to the life of a special person and shop our collection today!

Lotta-Lite is not just your normal portable light. Lotta-Lite is a versatile and fashionable solution to lighting on the go. Our portable keychain light can be used in so many different ways to help you in all different types of situations.

Lotta-Lite is known for Clip It - Stick It - Loop It. Lotta-Lite comes with all these capabilities, attached on the back of the portable light is a removable clip. The clip is best used for utilizing the light as a dedicated handbag light. The light can clip right into the bag on pockets, dividers, or even on the brim of the bag. For Stick It, Lotta-Lite comes with 3M double sided tape that attaches on the back. Lotta-Lite then can be stuck anywhere for the best use. Whether it's in a drawer, cabinet, or toolbox; there are so many ways to use Lotta-Lite.

Then there's Loop It, included with all of our lights is a keychain. Turning Lotta-Lite into a portable keychain light. You can attach it to your bag, your key ring holder, and many more places. Lotta-Lite is described as many things: a key fob light, a key chain holder, a key ring holder. It doesn't matter what you call it, cause it can do just about anything.

Besides all the ways to use Lotta-Lite, the next best thing is all the different styles we have to offer. Whether you need a sleek design for a work bag, a night out, or something with one of our amazing patterns we have a light for every person and every occasion. Our styles are categorized in collections such as: Handbags, Patterns, Inspiration, Perfect Gift, For Him, Pets, and Whimsical! Your key ring holder/ key chain holder will never be more stylish than with Lotta-Lite.

Get your Lotta-Lite Today. Whether you use it as a clip on light, a portable key chain light, keychain flashlight, handbag light, key fob light, backpack light, dog leash light, cabinet light, or key ring holder. There are just so many ways that Lotta-Lite makes life a whole easier.

  Debbi - “I have a Lotta-Lite in probably every one of my handbags” Debbi told us that Lotta-Lite was a game changer when it came to finding things in her purse. “It is the best and only purse light that you will ever need”