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Lotta-Lite The Ultimate HandBag Light


Lotta-Lite is best known for its use as a purse light/ handbag light. Lotta-Lite is not just your normal portable light. Lotta-Lite is a versatile and fashionable solution to lighting on the go. Our portable keychain light can be used in so many different ways to help you in all different types of situations.

Lotta-Lite is the best handbag light because of its clip function. The light can clip right into the bag on pockets, dividers, or even on the brim of the bag. Being a clip on light is just one of the many functions of the bag. It also comes with 3M tape, and a keychain.

We all know that struggle: it’s dark and you need to find something in a handbag full of other things. Even when it’s not particularly dark, it’s frustrating to have to search for the thing you’re looking for. You might give up completely, or consider dumping the whole thing out on the floor. With Lotta-Lite’s handbag light, you’ll never have this dreaded experience again. This convenient light comes in different designs for each bag in your collection, and is easy to attach to the inside of your bag. Our handbag light can also be used as a clip on light for the outside of your bag or backpack, a night light in the home, or as a keychain pull light.

Debbi - “I have a Lotta-Lite in probably every one of my handbags” Debbi told us that Lotta-Lite was a game changer when it came to finding things in her purse. “It is the best and only purse light that you will ever need”

Lotta-Lite is also a go to night light, or night life light. Lotta-Lite shines when you are out on the town. It can clip into your bag as a handbag light, and be used as a menu light, keychain pull light and many other things to make your night out easy. When you're in a dark restaurant and you need to find your glasses in your purse, and look at the menu Lotta-Lite has you covered. And even if you are staying in Lotta-Lite will be your go to night light. When you're looking for something and don't want to bother your significant other Lotta-Lite is just bright enough to help you find what you need.

Brittany - “Lotta-Lite is everywhere in my house” Brittany uses Lotta-Lite for late night reading and some of those big cluttered cabinets in her house. Lotta-Lite is great because when you are looking for something late at night, it can be stuck in a cabinet and easily turned on to help find anything that you may need. Whether that be a book or late night snack.


Besides all the ways to use Lotta-Lite, the next best thing is all the different styles we have to offer. Whether you need a sleek design for a work bag, a night out, or something with one of our amazing patterns we have a light for every person and every occasion. Our styles are categorized in collections such as: Handbags, Patterns, Inspiration, Perfect Gift, For Him, Pets, and Whimsical! Your key ring holder/ key chain holder will never be more stylish than with Lotta-Lite.

Get your Lotta-Lite Today. Whether you use it as purse charms, a portable key chain light, keychain flashlight, handbag light, key fob light, backpack light, dog leash light, cabinet light, or key ring holder. There are just so many ways that Lotta-Lite makes life a whole easier.