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What exactly is a Lotta-Lite?

What's a

Clip it...
Stick it...
Loop it...

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"My Lotta-Lite was a huge help when I needed to find my keys after leaving work. I will definitely be sure to keep this hooked up to my bookbag! • Steven - Atlanta, GA
"I love using my Lotta-Lite on my key-chain when I am walking outside at night. I feel more safe when I have my Lotta-Lite on me. • Michelle - San Fransisco, CA
“If you have ever been to a sporting event, some stadiums have the tradition of “lighting up the stadium” before the fourth quarter. With my Lotta-Lite, I can light up the stadium brighter than ever before. Makes a great game day tradition even better!” • Sam - Atlanta, GA
"I loved this product the minute I picked it up. I can't even begin to list all of the ways I use it. Of course I have them in all of my handbags, but it's great for SO MUCH MORE! • Adriann - Atlanta, GA
"When I take my dog outside at night, this light really helps see so I can clean up easy! This light saves my shoes!" • Jamil - Atlanta, GA

Lotta-Lite Is All About The Convenience That Comes With A Little Portable Light.

We’ve designed a key fob light that can be attached to handbags, pet leashes or anything else that needs to stand out in the dark. As a portable keychain light, you can use it wherever you go. As a handbag light, it can easily be attached to the inside of your bag so you can find your essentials with the click of a button. Whether you’re traveling, camping, going out for drinks with the girls or taking your beloved pooch on an evening walk, Lotta-Lite will light the way. Choose from an endless selection of fashionable designs, each with a key chain holder or key ring holder, and say hello to brighter days!

Lotta-Lite is not just your normal portable light. Lotta-Lite is a versatile and fashionable solution to lighting on the go. Our portable key chain light can be used in so many different ways to help you in all different types of situations.

Lotta-Lite is known for Clip It - Stick It - Loop It. Lotta-Lite comes with all these capabilities, attached on the back of the portable light is are movable clip. The clip is best used for utilizing the light as a dedicated handbag light. The light can clip right into the bag on pockets, dividers, or even on the brim of the bag. For Stick It, Lotta-Lite comes with 3M double sided tape that attaches on the back. Lotta-Lite then can be stuck anywhere for the best use. Whether it's in a drawer, cabinet, or toolbox; there are so many ways to use Lotta-Lite. Then there's Loop It, included with all of our lights is a keychain. Turning Lotta-Lite into a portable keychain light. You can attach it to your bag, your key ring holder, and many more places. Lotta-Lite is described as many things: a key fob light, a key chain holder, a key ring holder. It doesn't matter what you call it, cause it can do just about anything.

Besides all the ways to use Lotta-Lite, the next best thing is all the different styles we have to offer. Whether you need a sleek design for a workbag, a night out, or something with one of our amazing patterns we have a light for every person and every occasion. Our styles are categorized in collections such as: Handbags, Patterns, Inspiration, Perfect Gift, For Him, Pets, and Whimsical! Your key ring holder/ key chain holder will never be more stylish than with Lotta-Lite.

It always amazes us to see all the creative ways that our customers use Lotta-Lite!

Cameron - “Lotta-Lite was a life saver when I had to do a last minute job in the shop” Cameron used his Lotta-Lite in multiple situations, he had it looped onto his keys for easy access to small areas. Then when it was time to look for tools, he stuck Lotta-Lite to the tool box using the 3M tape. And he had hands free light.  

Debbi - “I have a Lotta-Lite in probably every one of my handbags ”Debbi told us that Lotta-Lite was a game changer when it came to finding things in her purse. “It is the best and only purse light that you will ever need”  

Brittany - “Lotta-Lite is every where in my house” Brittany uses Lotta-Lite for late night reading and some of those big cluttered cabinets in her house. Lotta-Lite is great because when you are looking for something late at night, it can be stuck in a cabinet and easily turned on to help find anything that you may need. Whether that be a book or late night snack.  

Hardeep - “Lotta-Lite on those late night dog walks is essential ”Hardeep has explained to us that sometimes when she takes her amazing puppy Lily out for a walk, that once in a while it is hard to find her business after she is done. So she has Lotta-Lite either stuck or looped on the leash to help find it so she does not have any upset neighbors to deal with.  

Get your Lotta-Lite Today. Whether you use it as a portable key chain light, handbag light, key fob light, backpack light, dog leash light, cabinet light, or key ring holder. There are just so many ways that Lotta-Lite makes life a whole easier.

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